Reset Your Money Mindset

We must first understand where we’re coming from in order to clearly picture where we’re going. The same is true for your financial life.

In this ticketed workshop, we will first focus on your mindset around money and then identify what has been stopping you from envisioning your financial future. With this clarity, you will begin to understand money and wealth in a new and healthy way as you work toward your financial goals.

You are a strong, confident individual

but when it comes to finances, you would rather not talk about it. Just the idea of talking about your money situation makes your stomach upset.

You wish someone would be able to explain all of this in a simple to understand way where you felt safe to ask questions.

Enter Wealth Coach Anne Mank.

In this money mindset workshop, Anne encourages you to dive into those money-blocks:

  • What has been stopping you from learning about money?
  • How can we overcome those roadblocks and focus on money with clarity?

Through discussion and intrapersonal reflection, you’ll develop an understanding of your existing money mindset and start reframing the stories that no longer serve you.

By the end of the workshop, you will walk away having identified your dreams, pinpointed any obstacle thoughts and be prepared to take clear, inspired action toward your goals.

Saturday, March 26
10 am - 2 pm
EIG Education Center (Pewaukee Office)

During this four-hour workshop we will:

  • discuss money in a safe and caring environment,
  • explore your current perspective on finances,
  • reflect through journaling and vision board building,
  • set actionable, short-term financial goals,
  • learn the basics of personal finance, money management and investing,
  • and start building your financial tribe.

Registration for this workshop is open to anyone interested in reframing their money mindset.

And you don’t need to do this alone,
invite your friends or family and see how you can live a wealth inspired life together!

Meet Your Wealth Coach

Anne Mank, CFP®, CPA, IHC

Anne is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), and Certified Integrative Holistic Coach Level II (IHC) with over 20 years of experience in the financial industry. She is happily married and has three beautiful children.

Through her own personal development journey, Anne started to realize that true wealth and happiness is much more than her net worth. She realized that her self-worth is not tied to her net-worth, and so can you. Through wealth coaching, Anne helps others move past their money blocks so they can live a wealth inspired life.


This exclusive ticketed workshop has limited seating to allow individualized attention for each participant.

Your workshop ticket includes:

  • A safe, comfortable environment at our Pewaukee office Education Center
  • Lunch and refreshments
  • Journal for reflection and planning

Workshop valued at $788

A typical one-hour session with Anne costs $197, but you will receive four hours of life-changing training and be able to meet like-minded individuals who will help you on your financial journey – for the same price. We don’t know if we will offer this workshop again, so reserve your seat today.

The price for this exclusive four-hour workshop is $197.

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